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It’s that time of year when Weeds in Gutters grow rapidly and can actually look quite pretty. It’s surprising how well they grow given that they are sitting in just 2 or 3 inches of gutter debris that might have built up since the gutters were last cleared out.

We clear gutters from the ground using a vacuum system that can reach up to 4 storeys and over extensions, porches and conservatories. Every day we see gutters where the flow of water is impeded to such an extent that in the downpours we get in the UK this time of year, a bunged up gutter is not coping with the amount of water and an overflow is releasing water into the fabric of the building.

Gutters are designed to have water running along them into a downpipe. If a gutter is blocked and water is building up, the weight of the gutter and sodden debris can be too much for a gutter joint or bracket to bear, resulting in the most extreme cases to guttering coming adrift from the soffit. The only way to fix this is with a ladder or scaffold tower.

Failed gutter due to blockage

This particular gutter had a blockage near the downpipe where a tuft of grass was slowing the water down so much, the gutters filled with water and caused the joint to fail.

Clear Weeds in Gutters

As soon as you see anything growing in your gutters, you should take action. It’s not going to go away of it’s own accord. Even major insurance companies such as Axa recommend a once a year clear to make sure your gutters are working effectively.

Request a gutter clear from GutterPro.