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Many responsible homeowners consider gutter clearing as a regular home maintenance activity.  Keeping the worst of British weather on the outside of your home is certainly more preferential than having water coming in causing damp and mould.

As we enter Winter, many of the most popular home insurance providers and insurance comparison sites have highlighted that’s some insurers may refuse or reduce any payout for damage caused as a result of failing to keep gutters clear.

From  “For example, if your home is damaged from water overflowing from a blocked gutter, your insurer may turn down a claim because you should have kept your gutters clear.”

From Churchill “Poor upkeep could also seriously affect your claim if the insurer decides that maintenance would have prevented the problem from occurring. That’s why you need to keep your home in tiptop shape, giving it a full MOT after the winter months especially, checking for blocked gutters and loose tiles on the roof.”

From Admiral “Keep your gutters and downspouts clean and clear”

And from TSB, “If you read your home insurance policy, you will almost certainly find a requirement for you to keep your property in good condition. Damage caused (or made worse) by a lack of maintenance may not be covered. Slipped roof tiles, damaged rendering, blocked gutters and poorly maintained flat roofs could all contribute to claims being rejected – at least in part.”

With GutterPRO, not only do we always provide a dated, written proof of when the job was completed, we can also supply before and after photos to show that the job was done effectively.

Gutter clearing is an essential part of home maintenance, that really isn’t fun or easy unless you have the right equipment to reach up over conservatories.  When did you last have your gutters cleared out?