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One of the towns that Ian regularly visits for gutter cleaning is Alcester.

His customers were intending to move house, so as well as the fact that they were having issues, they called out their local GutterPRO operative to clear the debris, as it clearly didn’t present very well when weeds and grass could be seen growing out of the guttering at the front and back of the property. Ian mentioned to them that this issue is regularly highlighted in surveys, so whether you are selling or buying, it is important that you check that all of the gutters are clear.

All of the gutters were full of debris and one of the down pipes had a weed growing out of it. In two and a half years since starting his business, Ian has come across many similar situations when gutter cleaning in your area.

Very rarely is a down pipe blockage any where else than in the top section. With the use of a high powered vacuum system, the weed was sucked out, the guttering was cleared and restored to its full functionality.

Ian is working safely, contact free during the Coronavirus outbreak and is taking bookings. Please contact Ian directly on 07813 204 887 or if you want an online quote for gutter cleaning enter your postcode below.

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