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It was a quick stop this morning outside the impressive Stormont Parliament buildings in Belfast. Unfortunately the Northern Ireland Assembly didn’t require their gutters cleaning in Belfast, rather we needed to check our sat-nav directions on the way to a somewhat more modest dwelling in this leafy suburb of East Belfast.

Although the rain was pouring down it wasn’t long before the source of the customers problem was identified using GutterPRO NI’s pre job camera survey.

Hundreds of little beech nut seed pods had ripened and fallen onto the roof from the surrounding mature beech trees. From there gravity had done a great job of depositing them into the gutters of this substantial property. Due to the star fish shape they develop after ripening they had eventually interlocked themselves into balls of wooden mesh which were almost impossible to get freed out of the channels. Getting them out of the GutterPRO vacuum nozzle was equally as difficult after they had eventually been dislodged.

However GutterPRO’s have nothing if not determination and soon success was in sight. On this occasion the torrential rain helped to break up this strange natural obstruction. A quick repeat post job camera survey satisfied the client that all was now in order along his rainwater goods.

The moral of the story is that vigilance is imperative when your gutters are over shadowed by trees. None of this could be seen from the ground and could only be believed by being able to display the debris in the GutterPRO vacuum drum. Whether you live in Belfast or any other part of Northern Ireland and you suspect you need your gutters cleaned get GutterPRO out for a no cost/no obligation survey…..You might just be glad you did !

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