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Gutter Cleaning Chalfront St Giles

Chalfont St Giles has been the location of several film and television programmes. The Sweeney and Dads Army to name a couple. The village is ideal for film production due to its close proximity to Pinewood Studios in Iver Heath, and London.

A customer called me to say that water was overflowing from his rear gutter, on an inspection with my camera I discovered that his dogs ball was stuck in the downpipe.

Using my special downpipe tool it was easily removed which enabled the water to run freely from the gutter.
Using a vacuum system means:
• No mess as everything is sucked away not washed out with water.
• Not using ladders means a safe approach to the job, especially handy in a hilly area like Wirksworth.
• The vacuum poles can easily reach over extensions, conservatories and up to 4 storeys

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