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The main issue for one of Ian’s customers who wanted a gutter cleaning in Castle Bromwich, was that they were continually having to sweep up the moss from their drive.

Customers often comment that they wake up some mornings and that their patios or driveways are covered in moss – This can quickly become annoying and irritating.

This is usually because birds flick the moss out of the guttering whilst looking for food in the moss etc that accumulates there. If you find that there is a lot of moss appearing on the ground, like in the Castle Bromwich property, it is usually sign that there is a lot of debris in the guttering and it might be time to get a gutter cleaning.

It is important that your guttering is kept free of debris as it can lead to other problems, such as damp and damage to the outside of your property. So if you need a gutter cleaning in Castle Bromwich or in any other area in Solihull, then give us a call today and get your gutters cleaning in Castle Bromwich just like this customer did.

Ian’s GutterPRO franchise operates in many areas across Birmingham, Solihull and surrounding areas and most of Warwickshire. So just like this customer got a gutter cleaning in Castle Bromwich, don’t hesitate and get yours booked today.

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