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Don’t delay gutter cleaning in High Wycombe, no problem, no call out charge with GutterPRO.

The owner of this property in High Wycombe had allowed all sorts of plant life to grow and establish themselves in his gutters.  It doesn’t take long for plants to take hold and start to take over.  If you see or suspect that anything is growing in your gutters, don’t delay.

The Buddleia in this High Wycombe home had grown to such an extent that it had grown under the roof tiles and into his loft space.  The owners only option is now have to pay a roofing company hundreds of pounds to rectify the problem, causing not only a dent in the wallet, but the disruption risk of further damage to tiles and roof membrane.

How did it get to this stage?

Rainwater will wash dirt from your roof and into your gutters, where it joins with leaves, sticks, and other debris to block the down pipes that are used to remove the water from roof and direct it away from the homes’s foundation.

As the rainwater eventually evaporates, the soil and debris remain,creating a thick sludge that covers the bottom of the gutters.As more wind and rain add more contaminants to the gutters, the soil and debris accumulates to a point that plant life can be sustained from errant seeds blown by the wind.

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