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Gutter Cleaning in Leyland is what we do each and every month throughout the year. Clearing blockages caused by a build up of moss, broken tiles, mortar, leaves and all kinds of debris.

Our customers are always surprised to see what is hiding away in their gutters. We show them the pictures taken with our HD Camera and how clear they are after we’ve cleared them with our high powered vac. Sometimes though even we are surprised to find what’s lurking in those gutters.

One gutter cleaning customer in Leyland asked us to investigate an overflowing gutter at the back of his house. Each time it rained water was pouring over the gutter right above the rear bedroom and onto the conservatory roof.

A constant thud on the glass roof every millisecond was driving him mad. On top of this, his front gutters were full of moss, with grass growing and instead of looking white – they were green! His adjoining neighbours’ gutters were just as bad.

With every job the first thing we do is inspect all gutters using our high reach HD cameras, taking pictures we can then examine to determine where and what the problem is. We then show the customer the pictures and explain what needs to be done.

When we checked the leaking gutter – we couldn’t find anything. The usual moss and grit was there, but not enough to cause an overflow. We even checked for broken joints and lose gutters. Nothing!
Was he imagining the constant drip of water in his dreams at night? No. This customer’s problem was a common one – a semi detached house with a shared gutter and a single down pipe.

Gutter Cleaning Discount

If you live in a semi-detached or terraced property very often you will share gutters with your neighbours and down pipes that drain water away may not be on your property. It’s always worth having a chat with your neighbours about taking advantage of our Neighbour Discount – get all the gutters done and get money off for a combined booking.

Luckily this customer in Leyland did just that and when we looked next door the problem was a blocked down pipe causing water to back up right across both houses.

What we didn’t expect was cause of the blockage – half a Coconut, cocooned in moss and gunk, lodged at the top of the down pipe. Needless to say this customer is now sleeping soundly at night and both neighbours’ gutters are clear and clean again.

If you live in Leyland and have a constant drip keeping you awake at night or want to avoid it happening get in touch to book a full camera survey, gutter clear and even a clean. Why not mention it to your neighbours as well?

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