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Gutters need clearing in Buckingham? The Old Vicarage in Padbury certainly did. Magdy Roshdy & his team have been cleaning gutters in Buckingham and it’s surrounding villages for a couple of years and have come across every problem associated with gutters in that time but the most common culprit in Padbury is moss. A thin layer of moss in the gutter may not seem like it could cause any trouble, however airborne seeds can be trapped and start to cultivate.

The owners of the old vicarage in Padbury knew they had problems with their gutters when a recent downpour caused a waterfall to appear and fall directly onto their large conservatory. A phone call to GutterPro Aylesbuey & Oxfordshire quickly followed the next day and Magdy swiftly arranged a camera survey to identify the problem areas.

Built in 1862 for £2000, the 7 Bedroom 2 Building estate owned for the last 40 years by Hugo Morley-Fletcher an expert in antiquities who’s expertise was relied upon for the antiques road show for 29 years. Seems the gutters hadn’t been cleared for almost as long!
The gutters were the original iron type and full of sand, moss, broken tiles, weeds, small stones and a few surprises. Had they been the newer style plastic gutters they would probably have given way a long time ago due to the combined weight of the debris. It was clear to Magdy that this job was going to test his skills and experience and require 2 people to complete the job.

Even with their ground based system, with the height of the main building and the location of the conservatory this was not a straightforward job. To reach parts of the gutters it required 7 poles, strong arms and a second pair of eyes to guide the pole into the gutter. Magdy has not yet come across a gutter he couldn’t reach safely with the versatile GutterPro system. The before and after photos provided to Mr & Mrs Morley-Fletcher showed just how bad the problem had become and highlighted the need for regular maintenance.

If you live in Padbury and worried about potential problems due to gutter blockages call Magdy on 01280 875850 for an honest job at a fair price. Alternatively visit, for a quick and instant quote.