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On a recent gutter cleaning in Solihull, local GutterPRO Ian Reddi was able to provide advice and correct a blocked gutter that was causing problems for the customer.

Damp inside the home can be caused by many things.  Condensation from lack of ventilation, rising damp from problems with the membrane in the walls allowing damp to soak up from the ground, a leak in a water tank up in the loft, or a blocked gutter.  If you have damp appearing on a  bedroom ceiling or wall, the quickest, easiest and often the cheapest thing to eliminate is a blocked gutter.  The best solution of course is an annual gutter inspection and clear to prevent these problems in the first place.

A Solihull customer Ian visited recently had water overflowing the gutter in a corner and hitting the wall.  Left unchecked, this had caused the mortar to crack and a consequent problem of a damp wall inside the bedroom as the water found it’s way through the break in the external wall.

The GutterPRO camera survey revealed that the guttering was full of debris along a stretch above a conservatory. The gutter turned a corner, and it was also blocked at the top of a down pipe that served the stretch.  Rain water was unable to flow away.

Successful Gutter Cleaning in Solihull

Ian was able to successfully remove the debris using the GutterPRO vacuum system from the ground, restoring the functionality of the guttering.  GutterPRO is the leading gutter cleaning business in the UK with over 50 locations.  Ian Reddi is the local partner clearing gutters in Solihull.

The customer is aware that he could have avoided the expense of re-pointing a section of the outside wall and re-plastering part of the the inside wall, if he had maintained clear guttering. Prevention is Cheaper than Cure!

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