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Ian recently completed a gutter cleaning in Stratford upon Avon and It’s not just moss, grass, silt, mortar, broken tiles and weeds that your local GutterPRO operative comes across when gutter cleaning in your neighbourhood.

The customer wanted a gutter cleaning in Stratford upon Avon and the offending item was a plastic bottle that had found its way in to the top of the down pipe and was causing water to pour over the gutter and dampen the outside wall.

It can be funny what you find up there when gutter cleaning! There was a tennis ball causing the same problem elsewhere a few days before. Ian vacuumed out a tape measure and a telly tubby recently too!

Keep your gutters free of debris to do their job and avoid potentially expensive problems from arising by booking GutterPRO. Ian covers Stratford and most of Warwickshire. Enter your postcode to book on line, or call Ian on 01789 867 658 or 07813 204 887.