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The grey pound was out in force in Lisburn this morning as we grabbed a quick ulster fry in Dobbies Garden Centre near Sprucefield County Antrim.
We were on our way to a large four bedroom property on the outskirts of Lisburn in order to clean out all the gutter debris that had built up over the previous months.
Temperatures were Baltic as we travelled cautiously towards our destination.
These conditions threw up an interesting quandary which we really hadn’t studied closely before.
Quite simply it is this.
If your gutter water is blocked or even hindered in its progress along your roof channels it will freeze solid in low temperatures.Once the ice has formed it will expand in size within the gutter itself and this puts great pressure on all of your gutter joints. Expansion can burst the rubber seals and possibly even knock off the stop ends at the start and finish of each gutter run.
As soon as a thaw comes the gutters will leak and drip like a sponge.
Therefore free flowing water is essential along all of your gutters.
A simple test of how efficiently your gutters are working is to observe the flow from out of the bottom of your downspouts. A trickle almost certainly indicates a build up of material along the bottom of the gutter channels.
This indeed was the case with our Lisburn customer but all was easily remedied using the Gutter Pro vacuum system.We can deal with all of these problems without the need for ladders or expensive hired in plant.

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