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Gutter Cleaning Salfords

With most things in life, prevention is key. Many property insurance companies recommend, regular gutter cleaning to avoid damage to your property such as damp and erosion.

“Safe and sound, do it from the ground” is the GutterPRO mantra. John, who owns and operates GutterPRO across Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells and surrounding Surrey areas, can use extendable poles to clear your gutters from the ground.

John’s Industrial vacuum then sucks up any muck and debris, into the barrel drum. Making the job mess free!

Unless you brave the ladder, it is hard to know what lies within your gutters, until the problems arising from blocked gutters start keeping you up at night. John can provide a FREE gutter survey, using smart GutterPRO camera tech. If there are no issues, then there are simply no service charges.

If you are local to Salfords  or  surrounding Surrey areas and would like a free gutter survey or  your instant gutter cleaning quote. Simply visit    

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