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The Beast from the East caused havoc on the UK’s road and rail network but what might it have done to your homes gutter system?

Snow falls onto roofs and dislodges moss balls that were anchored to tiles.  As the snow melts and slides down the tiles, it takes the moss balls with it and  ends up in the roof line guttering.  The snow melts and the moss absorbs the water and swells, which can cause blockages, particularly around the downpipe entrance and on corners.

Gutter Clearing

Andy Smith from GutterPro recommends action to be taken now, before weeds and grass start to take hold.

“It’s a popular misconception that blockages in gutters are caused by leaves and it’s only important to clear the gutters after the Autumn. Having completed thousands of gutter clears around the UK it is estimated that over 90% of blockages are caused by moss buildups which breakdown and provide a great growing medium for seeds that birds drop.  If left uncleared, these form dams which stop your guttering taking the water from your roof down into the waste water system.

Damp & Rot

We have seen gutters that have not been cleared regularly, lead to damp in upstairs rooms and cause fascia boards to rot.  As we enter the time of year with raised temperatures and some sunlight,  it doesn’t take very long for weeds and grass to start to take root. Once this happens it’s a much tougher job to get them out of your gutter safely.”

If you have Moss on your roof or it’s been a little while since you had your gutters cleared, now’s the time to call GutterPro for a professional survey and gutter clearance.  With GutterPro if there is nothing to clear then there’s no call out charge and they provide before and after pictures for the homeowners complete peace of mind.

Call now on 0800 112 0123 to book your local GutterPRO.