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This afternoon we travelled from Doncaster through Belton and Epworth to Haxey in North Lincolnshire to clear the gutters and blocked downpipes on a modern detached house. After the thick fog in Goole in the morning, the Isle of Axholme was bathed in glorious winter sunshine. Perfect weather for gutter cleaning.

The recent heavy rains have been responsible for washing moss down into the gutters of many homes and blocking gutters and downpipes.

When GutterPRO clear gutters, we often find not only moss and leaves, but also bits of mortar that has come away from the pointing to ridge tiles and valleys on the roof of the property. The mortar gets wedged and blocks the gutter at a joint, or corner and then other bulky debris such as moss builds up creating a dam, When it rains, the gutter soon fills with water and can only overflow down the walls of the property.

This was the case with our job in Haxey this afternoon. With a combination of recent rain and winter sun to the southern side of the property, weeds had also started to grow and fully block the gutter.

At GutterPRO we successfully clean gutters, removing moss, weeds, mortar and any other debris without making any mess. We always show our customers before and after photos, or even video showing the debris in the gutters at the start and confirming all of their gutters clear when we have finished.

Whatever the time of year, weeds can be growing in your gutters. Whether you’re in Haxey, Epworth, Westwoodside, or anywhere across the Isle of Axholme give GutterPRO a call on 01427 333019 or check us out online at

Do you know what’s lurking in your gutters?