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Reviews are important to GutterPRO. Since mid-November 2018, every GutterPRO customer is invited to leave a review by the respected platform.  This is an automatic process, we don’t pick and choose who is asked, and there are no inducements to leave a five star review.  The ‘Verified Buyer’ tag against the review, shows that these are not fake reviews.

The reviews are left for the individual GutterPRO business.  The branch scores can be found on the branch pages, and we amalgamate them on our homepage to help people looking for a reliable and trustworthy company to clear and clean gutters, make an informed decision.


Andy Smith, Managing Director of GutterPRO, “Linking up with has been a revelation for our network. Not only has it increased the number of reviews we are getting daily, but the comments left are also providing valuable feedback on how we can improve our service to our customers.”