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You’d expect a gutter cleaning company to say that now Is always the best time to have your gutters cleaned out.  Let’s take a close look at this important home maintenance activity.

Many home owners feel that waiting for the last leaves to fall from the trees is the sign to call up their local GutterPRO and get them along to clear the gutters out.  This is normally during December, after the winds that often accompany the run up to Christmas.

Leaves blow onto roofs and work their way down into the gutter. Wet leaves will stick to gutter floors and walls. The corners are affected more than straight gutter runs. The natural flow of rainwater draining toward the outlet (where the downpipe hole is located) is slowed by leaf build up.

Leaves blocking the outlet

Is your home is susceptible to leaf litter? Perhaps you have to sweep them up in your garden during the winter. We often see clumps of leaves completely covering the outlet, where a small plastic grid is sometimes fitted to stop gutter debris going down the downpipe.  During rain, gutters soon fill up, and will start to overflow.

Naturally Biodegradable, the leaves start to break down and leave an organic compost which, come the spring is likely to play host to weed growth.  This increasingly restricts water flow and during heavy rain, can cause your gutter to overflow.  Allowing water to get into places where it shouldn’t and causing problems.

We have seen water marks, damp & mold spores on inside walls.  All caused by badly maintained gutters.  A problem that can be nipped in the bud, quickly and easily with a gutter clean out before Spring.

A call to GutterPRO is a risk-free way of making sure that your gutters are working as they should. No risk because every job starts with a full camera survey to make sure that the gutters do need clearing out.  If there is no problem, then there is no charge.