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What’s going on in your gutters?

Don’t leave it to chance. This blockage had built up over a long period of time, but because the debris was in the downpipe that goes straight into the ground, there were hardly any visible problems until the rainwater backed up to roof level and it started seeping out of joints.

As the gutter downpipe is moved up, you can see the root mass completely blocking any water from going into the drainage system.

Angus from GutterPRO East Kent said “Keeping the gutters clear will help to prevent this build up. It’s not leaves that caused this, it’s moss. This time of year, as the temperature starts to rise, seeds germinate and weeds start to grow quickly.”

Don’t leave it to chance, a GutterPRO Gutter Clear will help to keep your guttering working effectively. If you book a clear with your local GutterPRO, and your gutters are empty, we’ll show you the photos and do not charge for the call out.

With almost 15,000 reviews from verified customers, you can book with confidence.

Pic: Gutterpro East Kent