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We’ve had such a great summer, but September saw some heavy rains across the UK and Ireland.  The temperature, although lower is still quite warm and this combination can prove a problem for your gutters.

Heavy rain does a great job of washing moss from your roof into your gutter.  The damp moss holds water and the warm temperature will help any seeds to grow where moss has not been washed away into your rainwater drainage system.  The 10cm gutter depth will hide the best part of any green growth until the roots have taken hold in the moss.   Moss has the all three elements to promote growth – warmth, nutrients, and moisture.

In many gutter installations the pinch-points where growth is most likely to occur, are in the corners.  Internal angles are prone, particularly where lead flashing is positioned into the gutter.  This is to try to ensure that any debris and water is channelled effectively from the roof valley into the gutters. What often happens, is that the protruding lead slows the flow of water and any floating debris gets stuck around the obstruction.  Over time, this builds until it creates a dam, stopping water and causing an overflow.

Your Gutters Pinch Points

Other pinch-points can be caused by debris dropping into the gutter, such as tennis balls. More often than this, we regularly see broken tiles or slates that have cracked and worked their way into gutters.  Also, mortar pointing that has migrated from chimneys and ridge tiles down the roof and into the guttering.

For properties that have had Solar Panel installations, getting the guttering checked and cleared before the onset of Winter is a must. Any debris left by the installation team on the roof could cause a problem.

Andy Smith, Managing Director of GutterPRO takes up the story ‘It’s probably the most overlooked part of home maintenance, particularly where homeowners have a conservatory and access to the guttering is difficult.  Our gutter vacuum equipment can reach up over conservatories and extensions without the need for ladders or scaffolding.”

It’s never been easier to book a risk-free gutter clearance from GutterPRO.  Each job is started with a CCTV survey. If your gutters are clear, there is no charge, and you will have the peace of mind that your gutters are in good order.  If they do need a clear out, the job will be carried out there and then.  A final survey is undertaken so you can see that the gutters are clear.

To book, simply go to, enter your postcode and see the transparent pricing system.