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The heavens have opened, it’s been raining heavily and your gutters have been OK, so why should your gutters need cleaning?

Gutters carry all the rainwater that falls on your roof down safely to drains and prevent water ingress to your home. When they become blocked or clogged, it slows the flow rate down and even gutters that look fine from the ground can have water flow impeded by up to 80%. This can cause a problem which only reveals itself during heavier rain showers.

As the rain falls onto the roof, it runs down the tiles and into your guttering. On its way into the gutter, the water washes down whatever is on the tiles into the gutters. This can be bird muck, lumps of moss and grit. This happens to be the perfect growing medium for plants, which germinate quickly once the sun comes out.

In particular, if your gutters have any corner sections these areas are particularly susceptible to clogging, but even a joint can disrupt flow enough to start to cause a problem.

How do I tell if I have a problem?

It’s difficult to tell what is in your gutters standing on the ground. In extreme cases you might see plants growing or moss hanging over the edge of the gutter, but much like an iceberg the majority will be lurking below the gutter edge.

On the ground, you might see lumps of moss appear as birds peck through the gutter contents for food and flick it over the edge.

At GutterPRO, we start every job with a remote camera survey. This will reveal the extent of the problem, or if there is no problem at all. If the camera survey shows clear gutters, we show you the pictures and do not make a charge for this service.

If there is debris in the gutter, we will carry out a clear there and then, showing you the before and after photos so you have peace of mind that we have done a professional job for you.

For a free quotation, simply enter your post code on the website.

Gutters Need Cleaning