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Thinking of gutter cleaning in Newry? When people think of clogged gutters they usually picture gutters filled with leaves, moss, and weeds…..but what about pine needles?

Trees drop their leaves in Autumn but evergreen pine trees shed their needles throughout the year. Because these needles are smaller than other gutter debris the problem is less noticeable from ground level, but they can have a serious impact on the day to day functioning of the guttering.

Pine needles tend to clump together and when they become wet they become more adhesive than other gutter detritus. At this point other forms of gutter debris, moss, bird droppings etc passing through the guttering will collect upon the needles adding to the clogging effect.

The result of clogged and blocked gutters is water pouring over the sides of the gutters causing streaks on walls, leaks, rot and rust.

Here at GutterPRO N.I. we can clear your blocked guttering with our state of the art vacuum system. This will result in a massive return on investment and protect your property against damp ingest into attics and soffits, and also in extreme cases damage to foundations.

Each gutter cleaning in Newry starts with a full camera inspection before we even start the job. If your gutters are clear, then there is no call out charge. If it’s been a while since you had your gutters cleared out, or you are looking for a professional, risk free gutter cleaning company based here in Northern Ireland, then put your post code in the box below and get your instant gutter cleaning price.

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