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When moss dries, it shrinks up into small pieces and can gather where the gutter unions (joins) and returns (corners) slow the flow of water.

A bit of rain, or a lot of rain looking at the weather lately, will cause them to swell and if left to nature it won’t be too long before you see things start to grow in your gutters. If you can see it from the ground, imagine what you can’t see.

While we would never suggest using ladders in damp & wet conditions, the irony is that big lumps of turf and debris in the gutters of your home tend to come out a little easier for us in damp conditions.

Our vacuum systems and cameras are perfectly capable of working in wet weather conditions, with thunder and lightning the only exceptions.

If you are worried about what is going on, unseen, in your gutters then GutterPRO offer a no problem – no fee gutter clear. If there is nothing in your gutters, there is nothing to pay. As simple as that. With almost 10,000 five star reviews, you can trust GutterPRO.