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As the nights get lighter and the weather warms up, it’s the perfect time to do a quick visual check of your property to see if it’s time to clear your gutters.  We look at the three tell-tale signs that you need a visit from your local GutterPRO.

You start noticing moss on your patio, path or conservatory roof

Birds are making nests, and although nests in gutters are very rare because they have running water in them from time to time, they will use moss, twigs and leaf litter from your gutter to build with.  Sometimes they drop these as they take them to their nest, or flick out lumps of moss as they look for bugs and grubs.

Look up at all the gutters and see if there is anything growing.

If you do see a weed or tuft of grass peeping out from over the gutter, remember that you are seeing the tip of the iceberg.  In order for anything to grow, you need soil and this will be sitting in your gutter and building up each time it rains.  We have seen gutter come adrift from facia boards and become disjointed as a result.

You have drips when it rains.

Clogged or slow flowing gutters can overflow in heavy or extended showers. You might notice drips or waterfalls during wet weather or damp patches on walls or the ground beneath.  If left, you might even see green algae start to develop, or in extreme cases the water could find it’s way inside and cause damp and mold on interior walls.

Leading insurance companies recommend that you have your gutters cleared each year to prevent property damage, so to get yours checked out, call us on 0800 112 0123 to book with your local GutterPRO.