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Checking your gutters for signs that they might need attention is more important than ever before

In the UK, storms dump lots of rain in a short space of time even more regularly than they have done before. The frequency, intensity and quantity of rain storms throughout the seasons certainly feels to be getting worse than ever.

As a homeowner, there are a number of signs that should help you decide if you need to call in the professionals. You don’t have to risk climbing up ladders. Here is our GutterPRO top 5 reasons how you can easily  check your gutters before winter sets in.

Are your gutters sagging?

Over time, brackets can break or the screws that hold them into the wood or UPVC fascia boards can pull out. This will cause the gutters to sag when full of debris or standing water. A sure sign that the gutters need looking at.

Can you see growth in your gutters?

Look at all the guttering, not just the top levels. If you can spot plant growth in any of the gutters in your home, the chances are that there will be more plants growing elsewhere. You just can’t see it yet.

Is your gutter dripping?

An annoying drip on a conservatory roof, or green appearing on a wall or path could be a sign that your gutters are not coping. This could also be because the gutters need clearing, a new seal, or refitting to hold the water in properly and allow the flow to make its way down the downspout.

Is there moss or leaves on the floor?

Organic matter is the gutter’s worst enemy. A build up of moss or leaves or leaves in the gutter as well as inhibiting the flow of water, will promote growth as it breaks down leading to more problems. If you can spot leaves and moss on the ground around your home, you can be sure some of that is also hiding in your gutters.

Are there signs of damp appearing in a bedroom?

Staining at the top of an upstairs wall will often cause much distress to a homeowner or landlord and should not be left. It could be a roof problem, but we have seen damp caused by a blocked gutter, spilling rainwater back into the property. A gutter clear is probably the simplest and least expensive thing to eliminate before investigating further.

Whatever you do, don’t leave it too long. Your home is most likely your biggest investment, and regular planned maintenance will help prevent water ingress or gutters falling down after the next storm comes calling.

Your local GutterPRO will put your mind at rest by checking your gutters with a camera survey, before starting a gutter clear. If the gutters are empty, there’s no charge.