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Time for a gutter survey?

As we emerge from one of the darkest and rain soaked winters in a long time, take a look at your gutters the next time you leave your home.  It’s common to see black marks and green staining on gutters, especially so on white uPVC.  Does this give you an indication of what’s going on inside?  Probably.

If you can see any moss on your roof, the winter would have seen some of that moss come off the tiles and fall into your gutters. Even a relatively minor build up of moss and dirt that contained in roof run-off rainwater can collect and provide a super medium for the germination of seeds.  Plant growth in gutters is not good news for the health of you home.  Roots can prize apart gutter joints, and the weight of the plant and soil can cause gutters to bow and, in extreme cases, cause brackets to break or pull out of the fascia board leaving you with an expensive and disruptive repair bill.

If it’s been over a year since your last gutter clear and clean then it’s definitely worth an inspection survey. If the gutter survey reveals clear gutters, we don’t charge you for the call out.  As simple as that.

The outside parts of the guttering and fascia boards you can see from the ground, we clean from the ground using a water-fed pole and brush, similar to the ones modern window cleaners use.  This gives an excellent finish and can transform the kerb appeal of your home.  As the nights get lighter, don’t let dirty gutters spoil the appearance of your biggest investment.

GutterPRO are the largest network of trained gutter cleaning professionals in the UK, with over 20,000 reviews.  A local operator to you can be contacted by entering your postcode into the box, which directs you to your nearest operator.