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So why are clear gutters important?  Lets face it, it rains in the UK.  Sometimes a lot!  The rain falls onto your roof and  as the water runs off your roof tiles, the job of your gutters is to take the water away from your home into the drainage system.

A partial gutter blockage caused by moss build up, often unseen by the home owner, can cause overflows during winter rain. This water can soak bricks and wood, causing damp or rot which can be expensive to fix.

On one gutter clear this year, we were called to a rental property by the landlord.  Our initial gutter survey revealed a completely blocked rear gutter and evidence that the water was spilling over the edge during rainfall.  The tenant informed us that the bedroom underneath the blocked gutter was starting to show signs of damp on the wall inside.

We cleared the gutters, including two metres of turf where debris had created a growing medium for weeds & grass which had built up over a year.  Our final survey showed the blockage was removed completely.

Clear Gutters

Two months later we received a call from the landlord stating that all the evidence of damp had now disappeared.  A £79 gutter clear had solved what he thought might be a complicated, expensive and time consuming job.

A regular GutterPro clear can prevent these problems and our photographic record will give you peace of mind that the gutters are working correctly.