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Why clean your gutters? It’s a good question!  While keeping gutters running freely is a well known and very common home maintenance task, the reasons that cause gutters to clog up differ depending on the environment around your home or business.

Back when we started, we thought that falling leaves would be the main reason that gutters filled up.  As the business developed, it transpired that moss was also a common culprit causing gutters to block or at least slow the flow down.  Even to such an extent that during heavy rain you would often see water overtopping the gutter.  In some circumstances, the water would run over the front of the gutter, dripping down onto a conservatory roof below, or onto path, occasionally freezing during icy spells.  In some cases, water would run down the back of the gutter, and in extreme cases, cause damp as it found it’s way behind the fascia boards and into voids within the property walls.

Do it yourself?

For many homeowners, using ladders to complete this task lost it’s appeal. Who wants to climb up a ladder in a British Autumn with a bucket and take your chances? Trying to juggle your tools, grip and bucket?  Many of our customers have conservatories or extensions that make reaching gutters above, an impossible job.

Our camera and vacuum systems make light work of the heaviest deposits and trickiest access.  If we can see the gutter, we can remove the debris safely from the ground.  Not only that, we can show you the picture evidence that we have done the job properly.

Gutter Checks

There are often no visible clues that your gutter could be clogged with clutter. If you can see debris in there from the ground, then don’t delay, get some out as soon as you can.  For the majority keeping on top of gutter clean will require a camera inspection to prevent build up and overflows.  If you are looking for someone who can do this honesty and transparency, you’re in the right place. With GutterPRO, our ‘No Problem, No Charge’ guarantee has helped us build trust with thousands of customers just like you.

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