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Gutter Cleaning in Kings Lynn – GutterPRO clean gutters across the whole of North Cambridge and The Fens

Some customers book a gutter clear for piece of mind,  safe in the knowledge that if the gutters don’t require clearing there is no charge from GutterPRO Norfolk.  We start every gutter clean with a camera survey.  If there is nothing to clear out, then there is no charge for checking the gutters. No call out fees from us!

Other customers book a gutter clean to ensure they comply with their home insurance policy.  Both Aviva and LV insurance have published home winter preparation guides this year and unsurprisingly gutter clearing is high on both companies lists. Any potential insurance claim may be rejected if the gutters have not been checked and cleared if needed.

GutterPRO North Cambridge & The Fens always provide a professional receipt and take before and after pictures that can be used to prove to your insurance company that the works have been completed to a high standard.

Gutter Cleaning in Kings Lynn

Often customers will book gutter cleaning in Kings Lynn with us because they have noticed grass and weeds growing in the gutters. Just like in this picture from a recent customers three storey terraced home in the West Norfolk town of Kings Lynn. A North facing roof provided the perfect growing conditions for moss and weeds preventing rainwater from flowing towards the down pipes and safely away from the property. By the time the growth was visible from the ground the roots where well established inside the gutter, already preventing rainwater from flowing safely away.

Upon arrival at the customers Kings Lynn home after introducing myself I took pictures of all the gutters on the property using our pole mounted HD camera system. The customer was surprised to see just how much growth was in the gutters! Using our powerful GutterPRO vacuum system, All the growing weeds and grass from the section of the gutter shown in the image were removed.  Then we cleared the moss, seeds and standing water from the rest of the gutters on this Kings Lynn home before clearing the garage gutters.

We then took the ‘after’ pictures, again using our High Definition pole mounted camera system to show the customer, who was delighted with the results and that their homes gutters would be working efficiently once again. If you are in Kings Lynn or anywhere else in West Norfolk and want to make sure your homes gutters are working effectively, have growth visible from the ground or rain water dripping or pouring over the edge of your gutters – give Kevin a call on 01603 851507 for a quick quote or enter you postcode into the box below.

Remember if the gutters are clear we don’t charge!

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