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“There’s a garden growing in my guttering and it is causing a serious damp problem in the kitchen!” a customer was shouting before we did a gutter cleaning in Shirley.

The tenant in a Birmingham property had been telling the landlord this for sometime, which prompted the landlord to call Ian from GutterPRO, and get a professional gutter cleaning in Shirley.

There was an established clump of grass that had grown directly over the down pipe. This was causing rain water to flow over and dampen the walls.

These problems can be prevented by regularly checking and clearing debris from your guttering – Prevention is cheaper than cure. The insurance company Axa actually recommends getting your gutters cleaned at least once a year.

Ian’s local GutterPRO franchise not only does gutter cleaning in Shirley but covers the majority of Birmingham but don’t just let us tell you how great Ian is check out all our great reviews here

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