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Have you ever wondered why there is Moss suddenly appearing on your garden path or patio?   Are you puzzled as to how it gets there and where it comes from?

Moss will often grow on one side of your roof,  it’s generally the North side and because it’s a living, growing plant, eventually it reaches a size and weight that is just too much for the roots of the growth to hang on to the tile.

During rain, the clumps of moss swell up like a sponge and the weight of the water will cause the moss to tumble down into your gutter.  Eventually the moss will break down and fill the gutter to the edges. This results in a blockage which will trap more moss until the water cannot get past. In addition, these moss dams will provide a super growing medium for seeds that birds deposit in their droppings.

Catch the problem early
It’s much better to catch the problem before weeds and plants take root.   A GutterPRO gutter clear will remove all of the moss and debris, ensuring that your gutters are fully Winter ready for whatever the weather has to throw at them.

Moss in gutterThe moss that you see on your path is moss that has bounced down, over your gutters so will generally be about 5% to 10% of what actually comes off the roof, depending how full your gutters are.  The more moss you see, generally, the fuller your gutters will be. So if you see moss on your patio or path, it’s a sure sign that your gutters might need attention.

Blocked or clogged gutters will eventually cause damp inside the home, brick spalling (where the face of the brick separates from the body or rot fascia boards.  All of which can be very expensive and invasive to rectify.

Andy Smith, from GutterPRO :  “We have had some extremes of weather this year and who knows how wet our Autumn is going to be.   With GutterPRO you get a risk-free clear. We always do a camera survey first, and our policy is, if there is no problem, there is no charge – we always share the photos with you.”

Why risk storing up property problems this autumn, and book your local GutterPRO for a fixed price gutter clear, safe in the knowledge that you will not be charged for unnecessary work.

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